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Mount Gold’s Online Baccarat

The game of baccarat has gone from being an exclusive pleasure for the rich in 19th Century France, to one of the great online casino games at Mount Gold Casino.

There are two main strands of Baccarat used around the world. The first is the ‘punto banco’ variation of the game, although in France and a few online casinos, ‘chemin de fer’ is the preferred option. The most notable difference is that a player takes the position of the banker as opposed to the casino itself, a role which is passed on after each round.

Discovering the Baccarat Rules

You will find that baccarat has parallels to blackjack in that the aim of the game is to get a certain score without exceeding it. In Baccarat rules this threshold is nine, however, and rather than bet directly on the your cards, you bet at the beginning to back the banker, the player or a draw. 

Another difference with blackjack is that when the value of the two original cards goes above nine, the first digit of the score is removed (eg. a 14 becomes 4), and an additional card is dealt out. A notable difference to blackjack is that in online baccarat cards are placed automatically into the hands of both the banker and the player, so strategy cannot determine what cards each get.

The value of the cards two to nine is that which each of them displays, with the Ace giving one point. In contrast to Blackjack, the face cards and the ten give no points at all. The game ends when either the score of nine is reached, or there is a winner (or tie) after a maximum of three cards are held.

Betting is carried out to predict whether the banker or the player will win the game with their respective cards. A possible side bet can be made on pairs being dealt at the beginning, with the rules being quite straightforward once you have understood the basics.

Baccarat Strategy at Mount Gold Casino

Although you cannot modify what cards will be given to both the banker and the player, baccarat strategy comes in when predicting who will win each game. Of the three options; a banker win, player win or a draw, the banker has a slightly higher chance of winning and the lowest house edge, so that is the most advisable choice. A draw is considered the least likely, only occurring ten percent of the time, and paying out only an eighth of the original bet. 

Progressive betting is considered a good idea for online baccarat, as it helps balance the defeats with the wins. The two main systems of progressive betting, Martingale and Paroli, were transplanted from roulette to baccarat.

The first, the Martingale, uses a negative progression, when aiming for a 1:1 result. If that fails to achieve success, you then double your bet for the same desired result. You then carry on doubling it until you get the win, at which point you return to the original bet size. In principle, this should make up for any losses in online baccarat, although the hitch is you need to have enough credit and always be aware of the table limit.

The second, the Paroli method, is the inverse of the Martingale. Instead of doubling a stake after losing, you do so after winning. You then double your bet until you win three times in a row, at which point you return to your original bet. 

Play Online Baccarat

Mount Gold Casino gives you a whole array of options when you want to play online baccarat with either real cash or for free. You can play live dealer baccarat or opt for a number of alternatives like Speed Baccarat, No Commission Baccarat, or Baccarat Squeeze. Register to get started on your journey now!

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